Founded in the spring of 2010 by Jano Badovinac ...

FUGITIVE GLUE is a design studio creating clever solutions for people, places and things.

As designers we bring new life and create new identities to discarded and forgotten materials. Far more than a bunch of dumpster divers, Fugitive Glue Service Menu features product, graphic and interior design, as well as prototyping and brand development. Inspired by the unlikely, we build a narrative through every project we undertake. We are the glue that leaves no trace.


Born and raised in Toronto, Jano has been described as tall and often bearded. Holds a Bachelor degree in Industrial Design from Carleton University. In 2010 he established FUGITIVE GLUE a design studio based in Toronto. Jano has over 20 years of experience in the design field, spanning art, graphics, products and advertising. Views design as a problem solving tool and often compares the business of design to The Rap Game. Forever on the grind, he has won zero designer of the year awards and is currently not featured in any museum. So his best is still to come.


FUGITIVE GLUE loves teaming up with other teams...
If you are interested in working with us, or just want to chinwag, write to: fugitive@fugitive-glue.com


We currently do not have any full time positions available...
However... FG has a flexible internship program with a minimum time commitment of 20 hours a week. Working with FG you will be exposed to both the design and manufacture processes, we are talking pixels and paintbrushes... computers and compressors... renderings and routers... sketches and sawdust... I mean it just goes on :-)

To apply, please send your CV and portfolio to: fugitive@fugitive-glue.com Include preferred start and end dates, plus what you hope to gain from the FG experience. We will do our best to respond within two weeks of submission.
Note: Unfortunately all intern positions are unpaid.